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Department of

Interior Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design

Undergraduate Curriculum

All incoming undergraduate students first complete the Core Design Program, then apply for admission to the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree program.

Our curriculum emphasizes a broad spectrum of learning experiences covering topics from modern building systems, sustainability and environmental responsibility to human factors, universal design and public safety. Beginning with sophomore classes that focus on small and large residential projects, through junior studios in office, retail and institutional design, and finally, cross-disciplinary investigations into urban hospitality projects at the senior level, our students work on genuine problems and offer unique solutions for real clients. These service-learning opportunities give you the chance to experience the full range of interior design as it is practiced today.

Download BFA in Interior Design 2019 Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

Download BFA in Interior Design 2018 Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

These curriculum sheets include the number of required credits, list of courses, and a suggested four-year plan with courses broken into semesters and years.

Download Approved Gen Ed List (PDF)

Recommended High School Preparation

Beyond meeting the minimum requirements for admission to Iowa State University and the College of Design, students who plan to enter the professional Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design degree program are encouraged, but not required, to take courses in art, drafting, speech, wood technology, computer-aided design, computer science and other courses that emphasize problem solving.

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