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Students in the College of Design have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects as undergraduates.

Research project examples include designing adaptive environments for aging populations, young adults on the autism spectrum, and youth in residential treatment and shelter care; developing and testing affordable 3D-printed housing technologies; learning how shrinking communities continue to thrive; and documenting and preserving cultural heritage.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistantship Program

    Iowa State University’s Undergraduate Research Assistantship (URA) Program encourages outstanding juniors and seniors to pursue graduate study by offering them hands-on experience in a formal research environment. The URA Program benefits students by providing them an opportunity to explore career paths and to work with faculty, staff, and other students on projects in an environment similar to graduate research and fellowships.

    In addition to the URA Program, College of Design students often participate in other research opportunities with faculty.

  • Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression

    The Symposium on Undergraduate Research and Creative Expression provides Iowa State undergraduates from all academic disciplines with an opportunity to share their research with the university community and other guests through conference-style oral presentations.

    The symposium is part of a larger effort by Iowa State University to enhance, support, and celebrate undergraduate research activity. Each year, College of Design students present their research and creative work at this event.

  • National Conference on Undergraduate Research

    The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) invites student researchers from all fields and institutions to celebrate and promote undergraduate student achievement. It exposes students to exemplary research, scholarship, and creative activity.

    College of Design students regularly participate in this prestigious national conference with peers from Iowa State and across the nation.

  • Undergraduate research opportunities and experiences

    Students are integral to Iowa State University’s research endeavors, collaborating closely with faculty and staff in the pursuit of innovative solutions to real-world challenges. As valued members of the team, students acquire hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment and laboratory protocols. Participation in research not only enhances academic coursework but also enriches the overall Iowa State experience, offering opportunities limited only by one’s imagination.

    Getting involved in research offers you a valuable opportunity to gain skills, to learn more about a field of study, and to make a difference in today’s world.

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