An international community in the heart of Iowa

  • 12%

    of the College of Design’s student population is made up of international students

The College of Design boasts a diverse community of designers who travel from across the globe for their Iowa State experience.

More than 160 international students from countries including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Iran, South Korea, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda, and Vietnam live and study at the College of Design.

The college faculty and staff also represent a broad range of backgrounds and hail from Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Spain, and Turkey (as well as the U.S. and Puerto Rico).

International programs and services

The Office of International Programs and Services in the College of Design aims to create a welcoming and supportive environment for international students by connecting students to campus resources, providing networking opportunities, and offering programming to support professional, social, and academic development among international students in the College of Design.

The College of Design uses a team-based approach to advising in which students will have access to a professional academic advisor as well as a faculty mentor. The International Programs and Services Office staff includes an international student advisor who is dedicated to working with, supporting, and providing academic success services to international students.

Meet your academic advisor

Students have various opportunities throughout the year to network with peers, gain advice from faculty and upperclassmen, and build personal and professional skills.

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Iowa State provides scholarships and financial support opportunities for students, including international students who are traveling to Iowa State for their college experience. Explore what scholarships may be available to you through Iowa State Admissions and/or the International Students and Scholars Office.

The College’s Information Technology Services provides equipment and programs that make technology accessible throughout your Iowa State experience. This includes a laptop program, an output center, computer labs, and more.

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Multicultural Student Success Office Feature

Multicultural Student Success Office

The Multicultural Student Success Office (MSS) acts as an advocate and a resource for all students in the College of Design.

MSS aims to help all students access opportunities and achieve their personal and academic best. International students are welcome to be involved!

Students working on class project in the King Pavillion.

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