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The College of Design uses a team-based approach to advising that includes a professional academic advisor as well as a major-specific faculty mentor. The two roles are different, and understanding their roles will allow you to make the most of the expertise they offer.

Professional academic advisor

All design students are assigned a professional advisor from orientation through graduation. The advisors have expertise in areas related to student success and should be a first point of contact for questions related to:

  • curriculum requirements, progress toward degree
  • degree audit issues, making changes or substitutions in your program
  • connecting you to resources, programs and support systems
  • registration, general scheduling questions
  • forms, add/drop slips, changing or declaring majors/minors, reinstatement
  • university and college academic policies and procedures.

Faculty mentor

A faculty mentor is major specific and typically assigned around the beginning of the third year of a degree program. Faculty mentors are experts in their field and can offer valuable insight and advice. A faculty mentor can advise on:

  • major/specialization course selections
  • honors program of study
  • research, experiential learning, internship, study abroad opportunities
  • determining appropriate substitute courses
  • career and personal goals
  • graduate school.

Meet your academic advisors

  • Malinda Cooper

    Academic Advisor

    Landscape Architecture, Pre-Landscape Architecture, and Undecided Design

  • Anne Grevstad-Nordbrock

    Academic Advisor

    Graduate education and study abroad

  • Jeremy Miller

    Academic Advisor


  • Karly Nelson

    Academic Advisor

    Graphic Design, Community and Regional Planning, and Interdisciplinary Design

  • Erin Quinn

    Academic Advisor

    Integrated Studio Arts, Art and Design, Interior Design, and Industrial Design Advisor

  • Emily Tyndall

    Academic Advisor

    Pre-Architecture, Pre-Interior Design, Pre-Industrial Design, Pre-Integrated Studio Arts, Pre-Graphic Design

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