Creating a Culture of Care

At the College of Design, we believe that our students, staff, and faculty have an obligation to – through their interactions and the work they create – care for themselves, their communities, and their environment.

We foster a culture of care through art, planning, and design. As one of the most comprehensive art and design institutions in the U.S., we are well positioned to show the many ways that design can, and should, care.

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How do we foster care in design?

  • Core Design Program

    The first-year Core Design Program introduces students to the breadth of possible majors and career paths in a supportive, collaborative environment. Care is integrated through multiple learning communities, robust peer mentor programs, and dedicated College of Design student and career services.

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  • Research

    At a research university known for innovation, the College of Design stands out with innovative initiatives that emphasize care – both locally and globally. Our student, faculty, and staff research projects work toward achieving positive change.

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  • Outreach

    The College of Design supports programs that contribute to the improvement of community well-being, enhance the professional knowledge base, contribute to professional practice experience related to student learning outcomes, and build understanding and demand for professional design and art practices.

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  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    At Iowa State’s College of Design, we believe that everyone has a spark of innovation within them – the potential to create something great and make a difference in their world. That’s why we constantly strive to provide the education and opportunities needed to see that potential grow through practice, experimentation, and collaboration.

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  • Option Studios

    Design as care is evident in the interdisciplinary opportunities the college offers as option studios that incorporate the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. A longstanding College of Design tradition, option studios are the original sandbox for innovative, multidisciplinary explorations in design.

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  • Inclusion and Belonging

    Our goal is to continuously engage in creating, encouraging, and supporting an inclusive community: one that challenges the creative minds of our students, faculty, and staff; one which allows us to reach new places in design; and one that provides safe and restorative spaces for everyone to be their authentic selves.

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A prospective student and their family talk with an Iowa State University admissions representative.

A Cyclone in the Making

The best way to picture yourself on Iowa State’s campus is to visit and experience it yourself! Meet with Iowa State University students, tour the entire campus, and see our College of Design students creating and designing first-hand.