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How can the College of Design help support your college search, ongoing academic journey, or future goals?

Our staff can assist with scheduling a visit to campus, provide degree information, or connect you to services, resources, and opportunities within the college.

Contact information for specific offices or question types is included in the sections below.

Hours and location

The College of Design is located on the west side of Iowa State University’s campus at 715 Bissell Road, Ames, IA 50011-1066.

The administrative offices are open 8 AM to 5 PM on weekdays during the academic year and 7:30 AM to 4 PM during the summer. These hours are subject to change and may be different during breaks. Other offices, including faculty offices, student services, career services, and others are also subject to change. All offices are closed during university holidays.

Students, staff, and faculty have 24-hour access year-round with their Iowa State ID cards.

During the academic year, the College of Design building, including the King Pavilion, is open:

7 AM – 12 AM7 AM – 12 AM7 AM – 12 AM7 AM – 12 AM7 AM – 10 PM8 AM – 10 PM8 AM – 12 AM
Hours are subject to change, and specific office hours may vary. The College of Design building and offices are closed on university holidays.

Medical and other emergencies

Call 911 to report an incident where immediate response is required by police, firefighters, or paramedics. If using a cell phone, say “This is an ISU emergency,” so that the responder knows the emergency is on the Iowa State campus.

The College of Design has designated primary and secondary points of contact for medical and other emergencies in the Design building or the Armory. Michelle Rasmussen, director of student programs and services, 515-294-0732, 297 Design, should be the first person you notify after 911 is called. If she is unavailable, please contact Seda McKilligan, associate dean for academic programs, 515-294-0737, 134D Design. This is for student, staff, and faculty emergencies. If a call comes in to the main office, Shawnia Silverthorn or one of the student assistants will notify Michelle Rasmussen and help with directing emergency personnel to the correct location.

Building evacuation

In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the building, evacuation maps have been created for each floor and emergency procedures have been posted in each classroom. College of Design students, faculty, and staff are asked to please familiarize yourselves with this important safety information.

Bomb threats

Most bomb threats are received by telephone. These incidents should be considered serious until proven otherwise. Act quickly, remain calm, and use the following information for guidance.

Personal safety

If you believe you are in danger or require immediate medical assistance, you should always dial 911. For non-emergencies, Iowa State University’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) can be reached at 515-294-4428. You are encouraged to program this number into your mobile device.

More information on Iowa State’s emergency procedures is available online.

  • Degree Program Request Callout

    Request information about our degree programs

    Complete an interest form to let our staff know what areas of design you’re interested in learning more about or what questions you have.

    Even if you’re not sure what programs fit your goals best, the interest form will help us provide the information you need to make an informed decision.

  • Schedule Your Visit Callout

    Set up a visit to the College of Design

    The Iowa State Office of Admissions provides visit programs nearly every day, and the College of Design participates in on-campus visits Monday through Friday. All weekday visits scheduled through the Office of Admissions include an academic information session and a tour of the college.


General Iowa State information

Phone: 515-294-4111

Information for Future Students

Phone: 515-294-7428

Iowa State Admissions

Phone: 515-294-5836

Design Student Services and Programs

297 College of Design
715 Bissell Road
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1066

Phone: (515) 294-6983

Office of the Dean

134 College of Design
715 Bissell Road
Iowa State University
Ames, IA 50011-1066

Phone: (515) 294-7428

Emergency numbers

ISU Police
515-294-4428 (non-emergency)
911 (emergency)

Campus emergencies
515-294-4444 (Help van)
515-294-3322 (Residence)
515-294-5100 (Facilities)

Health and safety resources