The University Honors Program brings together some of Iowa State University’s brightest and most motivated students to take advantage of both intellectual and social opportunities. Honors scholars gain early exposure to research and leadership and benefit from creating an individualized educational path to add breadth and depth to their academic experience.

Program requirements

Honors Project

An Honors Project is required of each student graduating from the Honors Program. Projects are usually completed in the final two years. Project proposals are usually planned and submitted for approval before the end of the prior semester. However, the proposals are to be submitted no later than mid-term of the semester before graduation.  

There are two ways for College of Design students to accomplish the Honors Project:

The Honors Project as a design studio must include a body of research/work that is over and above the criteria for the normal studio experience. All conditions of such a studio must be approved by the respective instructor, and the project approval form should be completed as a discussion with them and with their guidance.   

As an independent study, the Honors Project will be 3 credits. The project will be designed by the student. The project may be cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary in nature. You will select a teacher to work with as your project advisor, to help you develop and complete the project, and as with the studio option the project approval form should be completed as a discussion with them and with their guidance.

It is expected that the Honors Project will be a substantial piece of quality work, which will culminate in a finished body of research or creative work. Most importantly, the Honors Project is expected to be of high academic, design or artistic quality demonstrating individual creativity.  

The members of the College of Design Honors Committee will review all Honors Project proposals for approval. All Honors Projects will be presented at the Honors Poster Presentation held at the end of the semester in which you complete your project. 

Students working on class project in the King Pavillion.

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