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Scholarships & Financial Aid

With Iowa State University’s OneApp scholarship portal, undergraduate students can submit scholarship applications in one system. The Office of Student Financial Aid, academic colleges and departments and other campus units (e.g., Student Affairs Central Office, Program for Women in Science and Engineering, Student Accessibility Services, etc.) will use the information available in OneApp to select scholarship recipients.

Deadlines will vary depending upon the scholarship or opportunity, so we encourage you to log in to OneApp early and often to ensure deadlines are met. Once submitted, you can still access and revise your application(s) until the scholarship close date.

The following are donor-supported scholarship funds specific to the College of Design and our departments. To view a list and requirements for College of Design graduate scholarships (including some that are open to both graduate and undergraduate students), see our College of Design scholarships database.

College of Design

Incoming Freshmen and/or Transfer Students

Chi and Pam Chiu Design Scholarship (incoming freshmen and transfer students)
Clair B. Watson Scholarship Award (incoming freshmen)
College of Design Core Scholarship (incoming freshmen)
College of Design Opportunity Award (incoming freshmen and current students)
Maurice S. and Elinor J. Reid Endowed Scholarship in Design (transfer students)

Current Students

Carlota Dubon Gutierrez Latina/o Scholarship
College of Design Opportunity Award
College of Design Rome/International Scholarship Fund
College of Design Scholarship Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Doris Piper Lamberson International Study Scholarship Endowment
Edward M. Strauss, Jr. Scholarship for International Study
Foutch Family Scholarship
Gary Tartakov Design Scholarship
Jane Ly Design and Ultimate Frisbee Scholarship
John W. Rogers Scholarship
Kathryn Benbrook Lapp Memorial Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate and graduate)
Loren Johnson Memorial Scholarship for International Travel
Nancy E. Bahner Study Abroad Scholarship

Department of Architecture

American Institute of Architects – Iowa Chapter Scholarship
Architecture Scholarship Gifts
Arvid and Gayle Osterberg Design Scholarship (undergraduate and graduate)
Charlie Cutler Architecture Scholarship
David Stein Memorial Architecture Scholarship
Gregory S. Palermo and Olivia M. A. Madison Scholarship for International Travel
H. Kennard Bussard Scholarship, presented by RDG Planning and Design
James H. and M. Suanne Stange Scholarship Endowment
Jeffrey J. Pilling Architecture Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate and graduate)
John H. Wiegman Scholarship Fund
John Locke Architecture Scholarship
Karol J. Kocimski and Lila Z. Furman Kocimski Endowment (undergraduate and graduate)
Leonard Wolf Memorial Scholarship
Lyle E. and Anna M. Lightfoot Internships in Architecture Endowment
Mark C. Engelbrecht Travel Abroad Scholarship Fund
Michael J. Greenlee Architecture Scholarship Endowment
Paul M. Heffernan Travel Abroad Scholarship Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Raymond W. and Evelyn J. McIlvain Architecture Scholarship
Scott E. Olson Leadership/Community Service Award
William M. Dikis, FAIA Architecture Service Scholarship (undergraduate and graduate)

Department of Art & Visual Culture

Diane Cone Boody Art Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Janice Peterson Anderson Excellence Award and Scholarship
Carolyn Schnoor Whitaker Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Parrott Family Scholarship
Marjorie S. Garfield Scholarship
Jeanne L. Heidler Scholarship
Philip Manning Allen Scholarship in Art and Visual Culture
Valorie Kohnen Memorial Scholarship (graduate only)
Walter J. Allen and Shaun B. Keister Rome Program Scholarship
Wendy Marie Noteboom Ewell Scholarship

Department of Community & Regional Planning

Burgess Graduate Scholarship Fund (graduate only)
Community and Regional Planning Dual Degree Scholarship
Dr. Riad Mahayni Civic Planning Award (graduate only)
Marvin R. Springer Endowment for Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning (undergraduate and graduate)
Minor F. and Carolyn B. Ward Scholarship
Murray B. Weir Scholarship in Community and Regional Planning (undergraduate and graduate)
Property Rights Research Scholarship (graduate only)
Richard L. Rodine Community and Regional Planning Study Abroad Scholarship
Silverson Family Community and Regional Planning Study Abroad Scholarship

Department of Graphic Design

Dorothy Maitland Miller Annual Scholarship Fund
Dorothy Maitland Miller Scholarship Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Elizabeth Kirke Memorial Award in Graphic Design
Michelle Renee Pinkston Graphic Design Memorial Sophomore Scholarship
Paul Zimmerman Memorial Scholarship

Department of Interior Design

Debra L. Furman Pulver and Robert G. Pulver Study Abroad Scholarship
Diane Engh Anderson Interior Design Scholarship
Janet Henrich Glaser Scholarship
Sandy Rogers May Interior Design Scholarship

Department of Landscape Architecture

Argo Scholarship for Landscape Architecture (undergraduate and graduate)
Arthur R. and Clare M. Merkle Endowment for Excellence in Landscape Architecture (undergraduate and graduate)
Barbara King Scholarship Endowment for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (undergraduate and graduate)
Charles S. Saladino II Memorial Fund
Jens Jensen Graduate Assistantship in Landscape Architecture (graduate only)
Jon F. Crose Landscape Architecture Scholarship
Landscape Architecture Scholarship Fund (undergraduate and graduate)
Marvin R. Springer Endowment for Landscape Architecture and Community and Regional Planning (undergraduate and graduate)
Minor F. and Carolyn B. Ward Scholarship
Murray B. Weir Scholarship in Landscape Architecture (undergraduate and graduate)
Richard H. Pryor Scholarship Endowment
Robert W. Dyas Scholarship Endowment
Rod Heller Scholarship Endowment (undergraduate and graduate)