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Finding Positions & Internships

The resources in this section are for use in your job or internship search. Appointments with the Design Career Services coordinator are also encouraged. To schedule an appointment, send days and times that you are available to or call 294-0735.

Online Job Postings
Organizations recruiting Iowa State students for professional job or internship opportunities post the positions on CyHire. You can search positions by college or major, upload your resume, view career fair information, and more. Explore all features in the system and be sure to visit the site frequently to see new listings.

To access the system:

  • Visit
  • Username: your ISU email address (be sure to include
  • Password: This is not your ISU email password; select “Forgot Password” and a new password will be sent

You may apply to some job postings or interview schedules through the system. To qualify for employment and interviews, you must update your student profile and upload a resume. Under “profile,” complete your degree level, work authorization and applicant type. Add your resume under “documents.”

Upload your PDF resume or your resume will be converted to PDF format with a file size limited to 300 KB. Please review the conversion to make sure it is error-free and has the appearance you want.

Gaining practical work experience in your field while a student, combined with solid academic preparation, is the key for successful career development. Internships are highly regarded by employers and give students the advantage necessary to compete for entry-level positions. Visit CyHire weekly for current opportunities. You may also want to check “job leads” (an archive of previous postings) for additional possibilities.

Internship Coordinators
Architecture IDP Coordinator: Rob Whitehead
Art and Design Museum Internship Coordinator: John Cunnally
Community and Regional Planning Internship Coordinator: Francis Owusu
Graphic Design Internship Coordinators: Paula Curran
Industrial Design Internship Coordinator: David Ringholz
Integrated Studio Arts Internship Coordinator: Ingrid Lilligren
Interior Design Internship Coordinator: Mike Ford
Landscape Architecture Internship Coordinator: Heidi Hohmann

Planning a search

Searching for a job or for internship possibilities requires planning, focus, and time.

Set goals for your search
Think of what is important to you and how your decisions may affect your career path. Do you want an internship to gain specific experience or skills? Do you wan to establish connections in a specific city? Do you want to work in an area where further educational opportunities are available?

Focus your search
Being open to any opportunity anywhere can be overwhelming. Start with your goals what’s important to you. Are you hoping to live in a certain geographic location? Is the size of a firm important to you? What is important to you in a work environment or projects? Narrow your search from there.

Develop a timeline and plan
Finding a job or internship takes time. Start early and allow for some flexibility. If you know you want to apply for specific internships, learn when they will begin accepting applications. Check CyHire often and create saved searches to receive results by email.

Prepare your search materials
You will need a resume, cover letter, references and portfolio when you begin to contact organizations. You will also need professional communication skills, a solid self-assessment of your goals and abilities, strategic answers to interview questions, interview attire, persistence and patience.

Do your homework
Research firms or organizations and think about how your skills fit into what they do. When researching firms, find the appropriate contacts to receive your materials and know how they prefer to receive your portfolio or work samples.

Research and networking
In addition to CyHire, professional associations and events, the Design Career Fair, other ISU career fairs, firm websites, trade journals, chambers of commerce, LinkedIn, and volunteer experiences may all be valuable resources in your search.

Government and service opportunities

Job boards specific to design 

Learn about careers by interest areas

Professional Associations