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Diverse Community

Diversity is a critical component of all creative processes, and in a college where creativity is essential, diversity is not just about being politically correct — it goes to the very core of our mission. We represent a diverse array of disciplines, perspectives, expertise and interests, and embrace the opportunities this provides for innovation and collaboration.

Iowa State’s College of Design acts to assemble a truly diverse environment for the benefit of all members of our community.

The college’s spring 2020 student enrollment includes:

  • 1,663 undergraduate students
  • 155 graduate students
  • 214 international students
  • 1,075 Iowa residents
  • 529 non-Iowa US residents
  • 1,050 women
  • 769 men

Within this community, 16% identify as African American, American Indian/Alaskan Native, Asian American, Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latinx and/or multiracial, and 11% are international students.

Our faculty, too, represent a broad range of backgrounds and hail from a number of countries, including Brazil, Canada, China, England, Germany, Ghana, Iran, Israel, Mexico, South Korea, Spain and Turkey as well as the US and Puerto Rico.