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Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)

Undergraduate Architecture Curriculum

All incoming undergraduate students complete the Core Design Program before applying for admission to the professional Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) degree program.

2018-2019 Curriculum Sheet for BArch (PDF)

This includes number of required credits, list of courses, and a suggested five-year plan with courses broken into semesters and years.

Current students:

See also 2017-2018 Curriculum Sheet (PDF)

See also 2016-2017 Five-Year Plan

See also 2015-2016 Five-Year Plan

2018-2019 Electives List for BArch (PDF)

This list includes elective choices for communications, humanities, social sciences, and upper-level electives.  Also included are general education elective guidelines as well as information about other important requirements.

Recommended High School Preparation

Beyond meeting the minimum high school course requirements for admission to Iowa State University and the College of Design, students who plan to enter the professional Bachelor of Architecture degree program are encouraged, but not required, to take at least:

  • 1 semester of trigonometry
  • 1 semester of analytic geometry
  • 1 year of physics
  • 1 year of studio art classes


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