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Department of

Industrial Design

A2RU Student Summit 2016A2RU Student Summit 2016

Industrial Design Keynote LectureIndustrial Design Keynote Lecture

Kellie Walters IDSA PresentationKellie Walters IDSA Presentation

Cystarters 2020 CohortCystarters 2020 Cohort

Sketch SquadSketch Squad: Iowa State’s newest club

Cardinal Women 2020–2021Cardinal Women 2020–2021

Disaster Relief ShelterDisaster Relief Shelter

Weight Lifting BenchWeight Lifting Bench

Instructional ManualInstructional Manual

Search & Rescue DeviceSearch & Rescue Device

Day PackDay Pack

Judicial Branch Building ExhibitJudicial Branch Building Exhibit

Bamboo LampsBamboo Lamps

80/35 Festival Pavilion80/35 Festival Pavilion

Type V (PFD) Personal Flotation DeviceType V (PFD) Personal Flotation Device

The Viper Clip-on Gym BagThe Viper Clip-on Gym Bag

Damage Assessment KioskDamage Assessment Kiosk

RAISE: Visuospatial ToyRAISE: Visuospatial Toy

Tug: Footwear CollectionTug: Footwear Collection

Courage League MittCourage League Mitt

Judicial ProjectJudicial Project

Hydro SnapHydro Snap

Modular PackModular Pack

Courage League Bowling PinsCourage League Bowling Pins

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