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Department of

Industrial Design

Cardinal Women 2020–2021Cardinal Women 2020–2021

Industrial Design Keynote LectureIndustrial Design Keynote Lecture

Cystarters 2020 CohortCystarters 2020 Cohort

Sketch SquadSketch Squad: Iowa State’s newest club

A2RU Student Summit 2016A2RU Student Summit 2016

Kellie Walters IDSA PresentationKellie Walters IDSA Presentation

Tug: Footwear CollectionTug: Footwear Collection

Damage Assessment KioskDamage Assessment Kiosk

Bamboo LampsBamboo Lamps

Instructional ManualInstructional Manual

Weight Lifting BenchWeight Lifting Bench

Disaster Relief ShelterDisaster Relief Shelter

RAISE: Visuospatial ToyRAISE: Visuospatial Toy

80/35 Festival Pavilion80/35 Festival Pavilion

Courage League MittCourage League Mitt

Search & Rescue DeviceSearch & Rescue Device

The Viper Clip-on Gym BagThe Viper Clip-on Gym Bag

Day PackDay Pack

Judicial ProjectJudicial Project

Courage League Bowling PinsCourage League Bowling Pins

Hydro SnapHydro Snap

Type V (PFD) Personal Flotation DeviceType V (PFD) Personal Flotation Device

Modular PackModular Pack

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