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Become an Alumni Ambassador

Share Your Experience

College of Design alumni are invited to join our Alumni Ambassador Program to assist with college growth and national recognition. Members of our ambassador group are asked to connect with prospective students to share their own Iowa State University College of Design experience. We encourage you to consider what role the college played in your career path and progression, how experiences at Iowa State shaped you, and how you would share that story with prospective students and their families.

Virtual Coffee Dates

We’ll match alumni with our fall 2021 undergraduate applicants based on their career goals. As an ambassador for the College of Design, we’d normally ask you to host meet-and-greet opportunities with applicants and their families at your place of employment or get together with them at a local business for lunch or coffee. Due to COVID-19, we’re currently asking you to schedule virtual meetings — virtual coffee dates, if you will — with applicants via Zoom or other common platforms.

Sign Up Now!

To participate, please complete this online form, and we’ll be in touch with applicants’ contacts and more information.

Thank you for your support of the College of Design!