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Rome Center

Check out Cy the Mascot on his adventure as he studies abroad for the first time in Rome!

Enjoy an extended stay in Rome through the College of Design’s Rome Program. Attend studio and lecture classes taught by ISU and visiting European faculty for Iowa State credit on a daily basis just like in Ames.

Although the Rome Program is composed mainly of undergraduates, graduate students are also welcome to participate.

The fall and spring studio residency is augmented by a field trip component. Students will participate in field trips to other significant Italian and/or European cities and regions, combined with day trips within both the center and the extended periphery of Rome itself.

Undergraduate students are required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours, and graduate students are required to take a minimum of nine credit hours for the fall and spring semester programs.

Fall Semester (4 Months)

  • Fourth-year students in graphic design
  • Third-year students in interior design
  • Fourth-year students in integrated studio arts
  • Fourth-year students pursuing the BA

Spring Semester (4 Months)

  • Fourth-year architecture students
  • Fourth-year landscape architecture students

Summer Program (2 Months)

  • Open to most design programs
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