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College Research Support

Research Personnel

Research Administration

Luis Rico-Gutierrez
Dean, College of Design
Director, IDRO

Kevin Kane
Associate Dean for Research & Outreach, College of Design
Associate Director, IDRO
Director, GIS Support & Research Facility
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Landscape Architecture
126 Design
(515) 294-0526

Gary Taylor
Director, Extension & Outreach Community & Economic Development
Associate Director, IDRO
Associate Professor, Community & Regional Planning
126 Design
(515) 294-0220

Linda Doering
126 Design
(515) 294-8707


College-wide Research Support Staff

Sandra Norvell
Research Coordinator
126 Design
(515) 294-1594
In the College of Design on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Nora Ladjahasan
Assistant Scientist
326 Design
(515) 294-0734

Susan Erickson
PLaCE Program Coordinator
326 Design
Phone: (515) 294-1790


Research Center Directors

Center for Building Energy Research (CBER)
Director, Ulrike Passe

Geographic Information Systems Support & Research Facility (GISF)
Director, Kevin Kane
Manager, Robin McNeely

Community Design Lab (CDL)
Director, Carl Rogers

Computation & Construction Lab (CCL)
Director, Shelby Doyle

Kies Sponsored Research Lab
Assoc. Dean, Kevin Kane