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College Research Support

Research, Extension & Outreach Council

About the REO Council

The following description is taken from the College of Design Governance Document.

2.4.7 Research, Extension and Outreach Council

The Research, Extension and Outreach Council comprises the following voting members: one faculty representative from each department selected in accordance with departmental governance documents, a member of the P&S Council, and at least two extension and outreach faculty who may also be their departmental representatives. The associate dean for research and outreach, the research coordinator, and a representative from the Liaison Council serve as ex – officio members. The college representatives on the University Library Committee and the Advisory Committee of the Center for Excellence in Arts and Humanities report to the Research, Extension and Outreach Council. The chair of the Research, Extension and Outreach Council (or his or her representative) represents the College on the Faculty Senate Recognition and Development Committee.

The Research, Extension and Outreach Council has the following responsibilities:

  1. review, recommend and propose matters regarding college and university awards, fellowships, faculty improvement leaves and foreign travel grants;
  2. assist the associate dean for research in disseminating information to the faculty about internal and external research grant opportunities;
  3. facilitate and support interdisciplinary and collaborative research in the college;
  4. review and recommend proposals regarding access and contents of the library collections;
  5. assist the faculty in developing proposals for infrastructure and facilities to support college research;
  6. identify candidates for external national and international recognition;
  7. advise IDRO on matters involving research, extension and outreach.

2022-2023 Council Members

Ben Shirtcliff, Landscape Architecture, Chair
Daejin Kim, Interior Design
Monica Haddad, Community & Regional Planning 
Pete Evans, Liaison Council
Johnny Diblasi, Art & Visual Culture (Extension & Outreach Faculty)
Anson Call, Graphic Design
Chengde Wu,  Architecture
Jena Jones, ISU GIS Facility, CoD Professional and Scientific Council

Sharon Wohl, Interim Associate Dean for Faculty Success, College of Design

Julie Aberg Robison, Interim Associate Director of IDRO
Sandra Norvell, Research Coordinator, IDRO