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College Research Support

Design Research Seminars

The IDRO-sponsored Design Research Seminars are opportunities for College of Design faculty and staff to learn more about research topics and researchers and their scholarly work in the College of Design. They are held on Fridays from 12:10 to 1 p.m. in Room 130 unless otherwise arranged.

Spring 2019 Schedule

Jan. 25: Jae Hwa Lee, assistant professor of interior design
Building Creative Confidence: Lessons from First-year University Students

Feb. 1: Rob Whitehead,  associate professor of architecture
Designing for Disaster Relief and Resiliency

Feb. 8: Johnny DiBlasi, assistant professor in the Department of Art and Visual CultureDesign
Topologies: Aesthetics and Contexts of Computational Systems in Visual Arts Practice

Feb. 15: Ross Adams, assistant professor of architecture
Circulation and Urbanization

March 1: Carlos Cardoso, associate professor in the Department of Industrial Design
The Art of Asking Questions: How Does Inquiry Facilitate Learning, (Problem) Framing and Ideation in Design?

March 8: Joe Muench, professor of art and visual culture
Skin Deep: Explorations of a Metalsmith

April 5: Jelena Bogdanovic, associate professor, architecture
Canopy as an Architectural ‘Parti

April 12: Yongyeon Cho, assistant professor, interior design
Wellness Design Evaluation Tool for User’s Experience in Healthcare Settings