Yongyeon Cho

Yongyeon Cho

Assistant Professor, Interior Design




Campus Office: 384 Design

Mailing Address
Interior Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011


Research Interests

Current Projects

  • Tutorials of Visual Graphic Communication Programs for Interior Design
  • Visual Communication Application Teaching and Learning Strategy
  • Wellness Design Evaluation Tool - Healthcare Facility, Workplace 
  • User Sensory Analysis - Learning Environments


  • M.F.A. 2016. Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa
  • M.I.A. 2011. Konkuk University, Seoul, S.Korea
  • B.E. 2009. Soongsil University, Seoul, S.Korea      

Selected Publications

  • A Cabin in the Woods
  • Undergraduate Students' Sensory Experiences in Open Spaces of Higher Education
  • Diversity in Digital Architectural Perspectives Focuses on Human Figures
  • Tutorials of Visual Graphic Communication Programs for Interior Design 2
  • Where Are They Now: Team K’s Float and CoPort.
  • Wellness Design Evaluation and its application to Indoor Built Environments (Workplace, Healthcare)
  • Iowa State University College of Design’s 2022 Faculty Award for Extraordinary Performance
  • 2022 Scholarship Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Scholars Program
  • Wellness Design Evaluation Tools and Implication on Indoor Environment
  • 2022 Foreign Travel Grants, Iowa State University
  • Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities Spring 2022 Research Grant
  • Introducing Workplace Design Assessment Criteria for Enhancing User's Wellness during the Pandemic
  • Wellness Design Criteria and its Implication on Interior Design
  • Welcome on board kit for a coworking environment
  • NCIDQ Certification
  • Design Communication Association (DCA) 20/21 Virtual Drawing Exhibit 
  • Next Work Environment Competition - Listed on the Finalist, Engagement & Culture category
  • Human-Computer Interaction in Education: Keyword and Discipline Network in 20 Years
  • Will workers return to re-imagined offices post-pandemic?
  • Uncovering Hidden Dimensions of Lighting Assessment through a Computer Simulation
  • Solo Seating: a design solution for flexible and efficient restaurant seating with safe social distancing
  • Human-Centered Design in Interior Design Education Last 20 Years: A Keyword Network Analysis and Visualization
  • Tutorials of visual graphic communication programs for interior design
  • The secret to a vibrant workplace? Good design
  • User Experience Research for the Next Decade in Education and Visual Arts
  • Next Work Environment Competition - The winner of the three-way tie Interactive Kitchen / Cafe Collaboration Space category
  • Research in User-Centered Design 2009 to 2018: A Systematic Keyword Network Analysis
  • Tutorials of visual graphic communication programs for interior design
  • Introducing Undergraduate Students to First-Hand Research: A Tale from the Front Line
  • Wellness Design Assessment Criteria: Content Analysis of Workplace Design Guidelines
  • Tea, sunlight, wind, and time
  • Students’ Integrated Sensory Analysis Results: A Case Study of the Main Lobby Area in College Buildings
  • ARTID 367 Interior Design Studio IV – An International Students Community in Iowa
  • Coexistence: Design Technology and Human-Centered Interior Design
  • Gwanghwamun
  • Assessment Tool for Users’ Experience in Healthcare Settings
  • ARTID 367 Interior Design Studio IV – A Senior Living Community in Iowa
  • Combat outpost design proposal in Afghanistan