Michael (Mikesch) Muecke  PhD

Michael (Mikesch) Muecke PhD

Associate Professor, Architecture




Campus Office: 588 Design

Mailing Address
Architecture Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011


Research Interests

Preservation and cultural heritage; architectural history, theory, criticism, and culture from the 1600s through the 2000s; book design and publishing; architecture and film; biocomposites; deep green design; compact-footprint design-build construction, passive-house technology; design for the elderly; electronic architectures; mobiility and architecture; architecture and art throughout history. 

Current Projects

The intersection between preservation/cultural heritage and technology (with Diane Alshihabi, Ph.D.); sound and space in Robert Altman's films.


Bachelor of Design with a Major in Architecture, University of Florida, 1989

Master of Architecture, University of Florida, 1991

Master of Art, Princeton University, 1995

Doctor of Philosophy, Princeton University, 1999

Selected Publications

  • Breathing New Life into a Los Angeles Icon: Rehabilitating and Adding to the Lytton Savings & Loan Building
  • BNIM Regenerative Design Research Grant
  • Inventing New Modes of Dissemination: Applied Preservation and Cultural Heritage Pedagogy in Interdisciplinary Studios
  • DSN S 546 Morocco Preservation Field Trip to the American Legation
  • Preservation and Cultural Heritage Curriculum Development: A Case Study in Design Education at the Intersection of History and Technology
  • a2ru Collaborative Presentation
  • Presentation on Nashville (Altman's film) and Nashville (the city) at SESAH Conference
  • Collaborative Presentation at National Conference on Beginning Design
  • NAAB ISU Visit Director of Operations
  • Collaborative Paper Presentation at International Conference IASTE
  • Paper Presentation at Popular Culture/American Culture Conference
  • Iowa State University’s Entry into the Solar Decathlon Competition
  • Green Sex Appeal: Showing off Iowa State University’s Latest Fashion in Solar-Powered Homes at the 2009 Solar Decathlon on the Nation’s Runway in Washington, DC.
  • Theater Design, Music, and Performance in the works of Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Gottfried Semper
  • Personal Views Persoenliche Ansichten
  • Graphic Design and Layout of a Book About Perspective Drawing
  • Translation, design, and layout of a Novel
  • Woof and Warp: A Tapestry of Music and Architecture
  • Resonance: Music and Architecture
  • Biobased Materials, Passive House Designs, and the Solar Decathlon: Sustainability at Iowa State University
  • Architecture and Music: A Brief Interdisciplinary History
  • ISU LAS Green Careers Panel Discussion
  • Resonance: Essays on the Intersection of Music and Architecture
  • architecture | music | acoustics Conference
  • Accessible Kitchen
  • SESAH Conference
  • Gottfried Semper in Zurich - An Intersection of Theory and Practice
  • Essays on Architecture and Other Topics
  • PhotoGraphs - Written Light