Paul Bruski

Paul Bruski

Chair, Graphic Design
Associate Professor, Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Dorothy Maitland Miller Professor in Graphic Design, Graphic Design



Campus Office: 156 Design

Mailing Address
Graphic Design Department
158 College of Design
Ames, IA, 50011


Research Interests

Graphic design practice and education; Information design; Mapping; Cultural iconography; Visual literacy; Beer branding/design; Motion graphics; Experiential graphic design

Current Projects

What’s on Tap? The Current State of Beer Culture
McFarland Inc., Publisher
Forthcoming (Spring 2025)


Collection of 14 essays on beer history, place, authenticity, identity and place. Including my own essay on the branded connection between beer and place entitled “Drinking Place”


MFA (Interactive Design), University of Minnesota, 2005

BFA (Graphic Design), College of Visual Arts, 1996

AAS (Graphic Design), North Hennepin Community College, 1994

Selected Publications

  • Design & Cultural Semiotics
  • What’s the point of the Taproom anyway?
  • Differentiation and Desperation: Craft Beer Places in Crisis
  • The Taproom Hangout: You Are Us, We Are You
  • Taproom Temples and the Cult of Craft Beer
  • Rebecoming the Beer It Never Was: Macrocraft Stealth Nostalgia
  • Explorative Mappings
  • Macrocraft Place: Representation & Misrepresentation
  • You Are Where What You Drink: The Role of Labels in Representing Place
  • Role-differentiated Spatial Awareness in the Fire Service
  • Reflections of Tradition and Innovation: An Exploration of Brewer’s Iconography
  • Developing a Reproductive Health Care Decision Aid for Women Ages 18-25 and Their Medical Providers
  • Recognition, Navigation and Representation of Low-Visibility Spatial Environments
  • Remedying a Form: Improving a Patient/Clinic Narrative
  • Predicting Design Student Success Across the Design Disciplines: A Look at Architecture, Graphic Design, Interior Design, and Landscape Architecture
  • Get Out of Place: Widening the Horizon of Design Students Through Travel Journals
  • Transitioning into the Virtual World
  • Mapping Place: A Bridge Across Humanities
  • Kinetic Typographic Narratives: Expression and/or Information?
  • Information design in context
  • Kinetic typography: building upon prior learning
  • Medical decision aides: an evaluation methodology for information design
  • Drinking place: idealization and german beer iconography
  • A Process for Discovery: Interpreting a Collection
  • The Evolution of Color Palettes in E-Commerce
  • Personal Narrative: Giving Information Form
  • Academic Advising Award 2008
  • Making Meaning: The Database Narrative
  • Mapping Patient/Clinic Narratives
  • Mapping Flags, Fences, Flowers and Political Signs
  • Mapping the Signs: Uncovering the Hidden Structure of the Neighborhood
  • A Collaborative Video Project: Exploring Space Through Video
  • Wakonse Fellowship
  • Cool as Concept: A New Media Monster
  • Hijacking the Technical/Conceptual Divide