AMES, Iowa — Fourteen Iowa State University graduating seniors in industrial design will share their final projects in the “Illuminate: Industrial Design Senior Show” from noon–4 p.m. Friday, Dec. 15, in the Student Innovation Center atrium. Beverages and snacks will be served at the come-and-go event.

Physical and digital work was developed in the Industrial Design Senior Project course taught by assistant professor of industrial design Bruno Oro. Students in the class are also organizing the senior show.

“It’s a moment to celebrate the accomplishments of this group of students and the hard work they’ve put in throughout the semester,” Oro said. “We have a fantastic, diverse group with a wide range of skills this semester.”


Accessibility and pet ownership

For her project, Jasmine Lambert, from Polk City, sought a way to make pet ownership more accessible for aging populations.

“It’s a common misconception that cats are easier for older adults to care for,” Lambert said. “Scooping their litterboxes poses a challenge for many since it involves bending, kneeling and lifting.”

Lambert designed “Simplicat,” an automatic litterbox that is easier to clean and use than other products on the market, she said.

“This litterbox has an elevated base and clearly labelled buttons on an ergonomically angled control panel,” she said. “Many automatic litterboxes are controlled by an app. My product really makes it easy for anyone to use it.”

Portable, affordable transportation

Cristiano Drescher created “Swan,” a portable electric scooter, after visiting San Francisco.

Observing how difficult it was to own, drive and park a car in such a dense urban environment, Drescher, from Cedar Falls, developed an ultra-portable electric scooter than can fold down to take up less space.

It can be stored in a small bag or under a desk, making it convenient for commuters, he said.

“The cost of owning a car is significantly higher than owning a bike or scooter,” Drescher said. A product like Swan is also “far more efficient as you are able to beat traffic jams and park anywhere.”


Cristiano Drescher, Industrial Design Senior,
Jasmine Lambert, Industrial Design Senior,
Bruno Oro, Industrial Design Assistant Professor,
Lauren Johnson, College of Design Communications Specialist,