AMES, Iowa — Shelby Doyle and Nick Senske, Iowa State University assistant professors of architecture, are the recipients of the 2018 Architectural Research Centers Consortium (ARCC) Research Incentive Award for their project “Polycasting: multi-material 3D printed formwork for reinforced concrete.”

Doyle and Senske, together with lecturer Leslie Forehand, are co-founders of the ISU Department of Architecture’s Computation and Construction Lab. The $5,000 award will support their developing research to create water-soluble and biodegradable concrete formworks through additive manufacturing (3D printing), a technology not in common construction use today.

The ARCC Research Incentive Award supports and promotes high-quality architectural research and scholarship activities in ARCC-member schools. The program provides faculty in member schools with the resources needed to support and enhance their research and creative activities and to develop their research agendas.


Shelby Doyle, Architecture, (515) 294-8711, doyle@iastate.edu
Nick Senske, Architecture, (515) 294-8711, nsenske@iastate.edu
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