Bill Best, vice president of product development with United Sports Brands (USB) — the parent company of Shock Doctor, McDavid, Cutters, XO Athletic and Nathan — and Betsy Barnhart, Iowa State University assistant professor of industrial design, presented student awards Friday, Feb. 17, for projects developed in the fall 2016 USB-sponsored studio INDD . The interdisciplinary class included students majoring in industrial design; apparel, merchanding and design; and kinesiology.

Design Achievement Awards

Team: Outstanding overall concept/execution/presentation

Hydration 3: Kayla Ahrens – Apparel, Aziza Cyamani – INDD, Emily Krause – INDD/Apparel
Hydration 4: Anna Olinger – INDD, Ian Baker INDD, Michael Jagerson – INDD, Sadie Lewman – Apparel

Individual: Outstanding overall concept/execution/presentation

Emma Axtell – INDD: Wellness / Roller Design
Ian Baker – INDD: Insoles
Michael Jagerson – INDD: Tri-Bottle
Emily Krause – INDD: Wellness / Roller Design (for concept/prototyping development & final prototype)
Anna Ollinger – INDD: Water Bottle

Honorable Mentions

Team: Achievement in specific areas of project

Wellness 1: Scott Parmer – Kinesiology, Chris Slettedahl – INDD, Casey Morales – INDD (for ideation & concept development)
Wellness 2: Wyatt Rasmussen – INDD, Meghan Wood – INDD (for concept & CAD design refinement)
Hydration 1: Emma Axtell – INDD, Marlena Ruthe – INDD, Marcy Davison, Apparel (for concept development & Prototyping)
Hydration 2: Nick Meinecke – INDD/Apparel, Sean Ross – Apparel, Alissa Noel – Apparel (for concept & prototyping)

Individual: Achievement in specific areas of project

Aziza Cyamani – INDD: Water Bottle (for concept & design refinement)
Casey Morales – INDD: Insoles (for research integration & presentation)
Wyatt Rasmussen – INDD: Water Bottle (for concept & design/CAD refinement)
Marlena Ruthe – INDD: Insoles (for research & concept/marketing integration)
Chris Schlettdahl – INDD: Triathlon Suite (for research & concept development)