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Future Undergraduate


Congratulations on your decision to join Iowa State’s College of Design! The next step is to accept your offer of admission online. You will be sent an invitation to the College of Design’s orientation once your acceptance fee/deposit is processed.

Orientation will increase your knowledge of Iowa State and the College of Design, including important policies and procedures, and help prepare you for the personal and social adjustments you will make upon entering ISU.

Through orientation you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about your major
  • Meet with an academic adviser
  • Register for first-semester classes
  • Become familiar with the campus
  • Learn about resources such as tutoring, counseling and student clubs
  • Register for Destination Iowa State

Find out more on the university’s orientation web page

Homework for Summer/Fall 2022 Orientation

Students completing online orientation need to complete the appropriate homework worksheet listed below.  Students will use this worksheet during their registration appointment.

Students attending OnCyte Orientation will receive the appropriate homework worksheet during their OnCyte Orientation session.

Incoming Freshmen Students – Homework Worksheet [pdf]

Incoming Transfer Students – Homework Worksheet [pdf]

Incoming International Students (Freshmen & Transfer) – Homework Worksheet [pdf]

Recommended General Education Courses [pdf]

Orientation Handbook

See our 2022-2023 Orientation Handbook (pdf).

WebEx Virtual Meeting Information

If you are scheduled for a virtual advising appointment via online orientation, we will be using a program called WebEx for this appointment. Please download the app on your computer in preparation for your appointment. If you haven’t used that program before, listed below are the necessary access steps. We recommend that you use a computer for this process, as it is sometimes difficult to view the documents the advisor will share if you are on a phone.

  1. Open web browser
  2. Go to
  3. Select the download for your operating system
  4. Follow the instructions on screen

English Placement Information

English placement is based on your ACT-E or SAT-V scores. More information is available online.

Math Placement Information

All new students who enroll in a math course at Iowa State University must take ALEKS, an online math placement assessment. Six (6) credits of math and science courses are needed to apply to any of the College of Design’s degree programs after completing the Core Design Program. You cannot be registered for a MATH course at orientation if you have not completed ALEKS.

Specific program application requirements:

  • Architecture: MATH 145 (usually taken in the fall semester) and PHYS 131/131L (usually taken in the spring semester)
  • Landscape Architecture: MATH 140
  • Industrial Design and Interior Design: MATH of your choice
  • Community & Regional Planning: STAT 101 and MATH of your choice

Please plan to take ALEKS at least one week before orientation, which allows you time to retake it if you are not satisfied with your initial score. Prepare in advance: Start the assessment early in the day and allow at least two hours in order to complete it. More information on the ALEKS assessment is online.

Note: You can still sign up for classes at orientation without having taken ALEKS; however, you will NOT be allowed to register for a MATH course without it.

Book Store Information

Check out the Iowa State University Book Store New Student Guide for information about textbooks, course materials and more!

Contact Us for More Information

If you need additional information or have questions, please contact us by email,