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COD Councils and Committees

P&S Council

The P&S Council is a representative body elected by, and responsible to, Professional & Scientific employees at Iowa State University. The council consists of about 40 members, including six officers, elected from the divisions of Academic Affairs, President’s Office, Student Affairs, University Services and Finance (one representative for every 75 P&S employees). The council has several standing committees that serve specific needs. Full P&S Council meetings are held monthly and are open to all ISU employees. The council also hosts open forums on topics of relevance to P&S employees.

College of Design P&S Council

The College of Design P&S Council consists of five P&S staff members elected by and from the P&S staff of the college. The staff member who represents the College of Design on the university’s P&S Council serves as an ex-officio member of the college council. The chair is elected by and from the five voting members. The chair serves on the Liaison Council and presides over college staff meetings. View bylaws

COD P&S Council Members 2022

  • Lieb Chol
  • Rachel Connell
  • Jena Jones, chair
  • Saylor Upah
  • Alison Weidemann, chair-elect

University P&S Council Members 2022-2023

  • Matt Crain, university P&S representative (Academic Affairs)
  • Ani Das, university P&S representative (Academic Affairs)

Flextime Policy and Form

The College of Design P&S Council has established a flextime program to accommodate the varied and changing needs of P&S employees and the people they serve. Please review the program guidelines and fill out the form below if you wish to work a flexible schedule outside the conventional 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday–Friday arrangement.