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Connect to Class Server

If you are using a Mac on campus

  1. Go to the desktop
  2. Under the pull down menu “Go” select “Connect to Server” or open-apple-K
  3. Connect to smb://$/classwork/[FOLDERNAME] (no brackets)
  4. Put in your ISU username and password (the one you use for e-mail)
  5. MYFILES server will show up as a hard drive on your desktop
  6. If it won’t connect or gives an error, You MAY have to use IASTATE\netid as the username (or try

If you are using a Mac off campus

  1. Go to and let it do its thing
    VPN installation won’t work?
    Click here
    Users who have upgraded to Mountain Lion and have never installed (or uninstalled prior to the upgrade) will find that the install fails with the error message “vpn.pkg is damaged and can’t be opened. You should eject the disk image.” This is due to the new security protections in Mountain Lion. To allow the install toproceed, go to System Preferences->Personal->Security & Privacy. Launch the Secuity and Privacy applet. Cick on the General tab to highlight it. Click on the lock icon to allow changes. Under the heading “Allow applications downloaded from:” click on the Anywhere radio button. Now double click on the vpn.pkg install package. The installation should proceed as normal. When it is finished, you can change the Security & Privacy setting back to the previous setting.
  2. Complete steps 1-6 of on campus directions

If you are using a PC on campus

  1. Go to your START menu or go to your file management window.
    IF you click START, find the box that says “Search programs and files”
    IF you use the file management window, find the box at the top that lists the directory you are currently in.
  2. Connect to \\\dsn$\classwork\[FOLDERNAME] (no brackets)
    If you are on a lab machine you will see a drive appear. If you are on your own machine, you may need to enter your username and password
  3. Won’t connect or gives an error? Make sure that you check the “Connect using different credentials” when you connect to the drive. You MAY have to use IASTATE\netid as the username (or try If you don’t see the “connect using different credentials”, enter your netid and just hit enter.It will show an error but it will then give you the connect option.

If you are using a PC off campus

  1. Go to and let it do its thing
  2. Complete steps 1-4 of on campus directions