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Facilities & Shops

Studio Responsibility Statement

Studios in all buildings of the College of Design at Iowa State University including the Rome campus and all satellite facilities are shared spaces for creative inquiry and production that support the development of both individual and collaborative work.

All students must work together to maintain an ordered, respectful and productive studio environment free of spatial, visual and sonic impediments; environmental and personal hazards.

Materials and projects must be stored so that they do not impinge on the workspaces of others, restrict free movement or block a designated egress passage. Waste should be regularly removed and disposed of properly. Some materials, tools and conduct are restricted or prohibited.

Equipment and furniture are not transferable between studios. Removal of an item from a studio with which a student is not affiliated may be considered an act of theft.

When participating in reviews, pin-ups or other group exhibition activities, students must follow procedures established by their instructor with regard to use of the review or exhibition space. At the completion of any such event, the space must be left clean and any equipment used  must be returned to its proper location in good working order.

At the end of every semester, students are required to participate in a studio clean-up session scheduled by their instructor of record. At that time all leftover materials and projects must be removed. Failure to attend and fully participate may affect student grades and incur other penalties.

Each College of Design department is ultimately responsible for costs associated with any required additional cleaning or repairs.