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Facilities & Shops

College Model Shop

The Model Shop (020 Design) is available for student projects. A small fee for a semester pass gives you access to tools and the CNC (computer-aided cutting). You must be registered to use any of these resources; you will be able to sign up online once you are enrolled as a student in the College of Design.

Spring Hours

  • Monday through Thursday 9am to 9 pm
  • Friday 9am to 5 pm
  • Saturday 12pm to 5 pm
  • Sunday 12pm to 8 pm


  • 1 table saw
  • 4×8 AXYZ CNC router
  • 2 band saws
  • 3 scroll saws
  • 36″ edge sander
  • Disk sanders
  • Belt sanders
  • Drill press
  • Mortise bit press
  • Spindle sander
  • Chop saw
  • Grinder
  • Plunge router
  • Palm sanders
  • A wide variety of hand tools

Orientation/safety classes are held each semester and are required to use the fabrication shop. Email to get a Canvas invitation.