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Mikesch Muecke

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

Architecture associate professor Mikesch Muecke has published University Professor Arvid Osterberg’s latest book, We All Fall Down: Staying Vertical in a Hazardous World, through his peer-reviewed publishing house Culicidae Press. In collaboration with the author, Muecke edited and designed the book, in which Osterberg addresses the physical, social and financial costs of falling. The information in the book can help the reader to prevent falling, minimize injuries when falling and sensitize the reader to falling dangers in the built environment. It is also intended to help readers “to plan, design, construct, and maintain buildings and sites that are safer for everyone.” The book is available as a paperback,a hardcover version with dust jack, a large print edition and a digital Kindle book.