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Diane Al Shihabi, Mikesch Muecke & Andrea Wheeler

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

College of Design Faculty Senate Executive Board members met with several Board of Regents, State of Iowa members over lunch April 7 at the ISU Alumni Center. Faculty Senate President Andrea Wheeler, associate professor of architecture; Faculty Development and Administrative Relations Chair Diane Al Shihabi, associate professor of interior design; and College of Design Caucus Chair Mikesch Muecke, associate professor of architecture, along with four faculty senators from other colleges, discussed shared goals and interests with with Board of Regents President Michael Richards, President Pro Tem Sherry Bates and Executive Director Mark Braun. This event was part of a series of social events planned this year between BoR members and faculty senators.


On April 13, Wheeler, Al Shihabi and Muecke, along with other faculty senators and staff members, joined Iowa State University President Wendy Wintersteen for a Campus Leaders Conversation at the Knoll. Issues discussed included campus culture, staff concerns and future developments on campus.