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Catherine Reinhart

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

Catherine Reinhart, gallery manager and artist-in-residence at the Iowa State University Design on Main Gallery, has been accepted for an artist residency May 12-19 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s Cedar Point Biological Station in western Nebraska.

The Art at Cedar Point Artist in Residence program is aimed at artists and writers interested in the intersection of art and science. The residency offers the opportunity to engage and interact with researchers, professors and students of the biological sciences.

Reinhart will work on a new body of works on paper, weavings and sculptures about the intersection of topography and textiles, exploring concepts of the real — land topography and textiles — and the ideal — cartography and weave drafts. What non-physical or digital systems do we use to understand and catalogue the land on a macro scale? How is this date translated visually and how do these image related to textile and woven structures?