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Brent Holland

Brent Holland, an Iowa State University associate professor of art and visual culture, has received a $10,000 Iowa Arts Council Art Project Grant for “Poetics and Pragmatism: Creativity through Art.” Holland will create three multimedia artworks consisting of two parts: a physical, mixed-media painting and a virtual, three-dimensional animation. Audiences will be able to scan each painting with a smart device and an augmented reality app (Studio Holland) to unlock digital sculptures and animations, which will appear on their screen.

By combining art and new-media technology, Holland will add a new dimension and interactive experience to the artwork, which will be showcased as a pilot project by the FLEx (Forward Learning Experience) mobile design and STEM outreach program sponsored by Iowa State. It will be incorporated into FLEx’s K-12 outreach programming throughout the first half of 2019.

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