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Bosuk Hur

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

“LOOPLAY,” a bench designed by Folio studio members and Iowa State University alumni Bosuk Hur (BArch 2005 / MArch 2006 Architecture), also an ISU lecturer in architecture; Suk Lee (BArch 2018 Architecture) and Youngsu Lee (BArch 2006 Architecture), is one of 15 semifinalists in the Street Seats Design Challenge sponsored by Design Museum Portland. The bench is showcased in the Street Seats: Urban Benches for Vibrant Cities exhibition Aug. 9, 2018, through Feb. 28, 2019, at the World Trade Center Portland and Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, Oregon.

By layering a variety of colorful loop forms, the LOOPLAY bench allows people of all ages to sit, lie down, and crawl in and out. It offers a sense of play while maintaining a connection to the surrounding environment. The bench’s playful design is intended to transform and enliven the streetscape.