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Andrea Wheeler

Author: Heather Sauer | Image: Heather Sauer

“Livability and Co-Existence Between the Sexes: An Architectural Question?” by Andrea Wheeler, an assistant professor of architecture at Iowa State University, was published in Coexistence. Bodies, actions and hybrid spaces in the contemporary city (RomaTrE-Press, 2017), edited by Giovanni Caudo, Janet Hetman and Annalisa Metta.

This book collects the outcome of a call, launched in the fall of 2016, promoted by a group of researchers of the doctorate in landscapes of the contemporary city in the University of Roma Tre Department of Architecture. The invitation, addressed to scholars, designers, photographers and artists in various fields, was to investigate the various circumstances and situations through which coexistence — whether spontaneous, arranged or suggested – takes place in the contemporary city and hosts the gathering of different bodies, behaviors, spaces, times and cultures.

The book contains the selected contributions, with a rich variety of cases and reflections, addressed to informal practices and to author projects, to buildings and open spaces, to didactic experiences, theoretical or applied research, able to offer food for thought and answer some questions that we urgently need: What are the spatial dynamics underway in our cities capable of welcoming and expressing forms of coexistence? What chronologies do they require or describe? What are the tools, attitudes and skills needed to design areas of coexistence? Which are the privileged places to experiment actions, practices and projects of co-presence?