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Art And Visual Culture


Undergraduate Minor in Illustration

The undergraduate minor in Illustration is ideal for students interested in illustration for books, graphic novels, magazine articles, advertising and concept art for game design and film. This minor provides the ability to tailor a curriculum that serves these varied career interests, whether you want to work in the industry or freelance as an independent studio practitioner.

Through this minor, students will:

  • develop conceptual skills directed toward communicating narrative content in sequential visual form
  • demonstrate the ability for critical thinking through visual, verbal and written communication
  • develop technical skills, working with a range of both traditional and digital media used in the field of illustration
  • develop an awareness of historical and contemporary illustration
  • strengthen individual portfolios to position themselves for success in their chosen field after graduation


Students must complete two prerequisites prior to pursuing the Illustration minor.


  • DSN S 131: Design Representation (4 credits)
  • ART IS 230: Drawing II (3 credits)

After completion of the prerequisites, students must complete a minimum of 15 credits of Illustration coursework to receive the minor:

Required Courses

  • ART IS 330: Life Drawing (3 credits)
  • ART IS 432: Sequential Narrative Drawing (3 credits)

Elective Courses

  • ART GR 464: Digital Imaging (3 credits)
  • ART H 489: History of Comics (3 credits)
  • ART IS 233: Watercolor Painting (3 credits)
  • ART IS 308: Computer Modeling & Virtual Photography (3 credits)
  • ART IS 338: Painting II (3 credits)
  • ART IS 456: Relief Printmaking: Digital/Traditional (3 credits)
  • ART IS 357: Intaglio & Monotype Printmaking: Digital/Traditional (3 credits)
  • ART IS 358: Lithography: Digital/Traditional (3 credits)
  • ART IS 408: Principles of 3D Animation (3 credits)
  • ART IS 430: Advanced Drawing (3 credits)
  • ART IS 431: Character and Scene Design (3 credits)
  • ART IS 438: Painting III (3 credits)
  • ART IS 490F: Independent Study Illustration(3 credits)
  • BPMI 323 / ART IS 323: Scientific Illustration Principles & Techniques (3 credits)
  • BPMI 326 / ART IS 326: Illustration & Illustration Software (3 credits)
  • BPMI 327 / ART IS 327: Illustration as Communication (3 credits)
  • BPMI 337 / ART IS 327: Applied Scientific Illustration Techniques (3 credits)

How to Add a Minor

Students will be able to add the Illustration minor at any point during their program of study. To add the minor, students must:

  • Discuss their interest in the minor with their academic adviser.
  • Fill out a university Request for Minor form, which must be signed by the student, the student’s adviser and the chair of the Department of Art & Visual Culture. It is recommended that this form be completed at least one semester prior to graduation.


For more information on the Illustration minor, contact:

Chuck Richards, Professor, Department of Art & Visual Culture