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Industrial Design

Priyankaa Krishnan

Graduate Student, Industrial Design

From: Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

Undergraduate degree: Bachelor of Industrial Design, Iowa State University, 2018


Why are you pursuing your master’s degree at Iowa State?
I am an aspiring professor and I am interested in design research. The Master of Industrial Design program at Iowa State provides a wide range of opportunities for design research. I received the Industrial Design Graduate Teaching Award for 2018-2019, which recognizes and motivates me as a good teacher.

What has been most surprising to you about the ISU industrial design graduate program?

You feel like a grownup! I get to assist professors during lectures, and undergraduate students consider me a mentor.

What is most interesting or exciting to you about industrial design?
I enjoy the community of the industrial design department. We are a small family. All the professors help students not only with their education but also help them build themselves as an individual.

I also think sponsored studios are the most fun about the program, as you get “real life” experience for an entire semester. Plus, knowing that your ideas are being manufactured makes it even better. My last sponsored studio with Vermeer was such a great experience.

Have you participated in study abroad, an internship or other off-campus learning experience?

As an undergraduate student, I interned for eight months at BAM International in the United Arab Emirates, where I participated in two major projects: Phase 2.1 of the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium and the Museum of the Future. I’m also a freelance digital media marketer, with clients in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Are you involved in other activities at Iowa State?
I co-founded the Sketch Squad Iowa State chapter. As visual storytellers, we are here to help sketch out any ideas, so whenever there’s a need for some awesomeness, call on the Sketch Squad! I was also an event manager and panelist for the spring 2019 (d)innovation symposium, and I have served as a coordinator and online trainer for the industrial design department’s workshops and webinars. I’m planning to get more involved in the Iowa State chapter of the Industrial Designers Society of America, too.

What makes you really happy ?
New, exciting and challenging projects.

What would you want other students considering coming to Iowa State to know that would help them make a decision ?
Iowa State University builds you as a person, provides you with the best opportunities and professors who are willing to expand beyond obstacles to bring out the best of us. If you are willing to put in your best forward, Iowa State is for you!

July 22, 2019 1:45 pm

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