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Kelsey Barron

Study Abroad Semester: Fall 2018
Location: College of Design Rome Program, Rome, Italy
Scholarship: Loren Johnson Memorial Scholarship for International Travel

What was the impact of receiving the scholarship on your decision to study abroad?

I was very torn about whether I should study abroad or not because of the cost. The sad fact is that a lot of dreams are put on hold because of money. Everything makes a difference. When I received the scholarship, I knew it was a sign that I should go to Rome.

What classes are you taking in Rome?

I’m taking a retail design studio and classes in art history, drawing, mixed media and Italian culture.

How has studying abroad advanced your design thinking and skills?

Being abroad helps you break out of your normal design style; you’re constantly seeing the work of some of the greatest artists to ever live first hand, so how could you not be inspired? Being here has also made me more independent and confident in everything I do, whether it’s presenting my designs, ordering my meal in Italian, or navigating public transit.

What has been the best part overall about studying abroad?

My favorite part of my semester has been traveling from country to country. I enjoy seeing how diverse the people and places are. I’m already planning to get lots of use out of my passport in the next 10 years. Maybe that will include graduate school abroad — who knows!

What advice would you give other students who are considering studying abroad?

Go abroad! It is a life-changing experience that you will only grow from. If money is an issue, there are so many opportunities to help you — you just have to look. Go with an open mind. Try new foods, learn about the culture and customs of the country and learn about yourself.

November 27, 2018 5:17 pm

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