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Jaydevsinh Kiritsinh Atodaria

Jaydevsinh Atodaria is from the city of Surat in Gujarat, India. Design-related fields have always fascinated him, especially as his father is a design professional. He pursued an undergraduate degree in architecture and completed two years of internship in India. During his last year he worked on different urban projects, including housing infrastructure and the redevelopment of a lake. This experience led him to seek additional skills and knowledge through a graduate education; he is working toward a double degree in urban design (MUD) and community and regional planning (MCRP) at Iowa State. As a graduate assistant he has the opportunity to do research on a variety of subjects, among them, other urban design degrees in the US, something that is new and enjoyable for him. Jaydevsinh believes that as a designer he can offer better solutions and shape a better world, and that his knowledge in three different fields will enable him to engage with complex urban issues.

April 12, 2018 7:48 pm

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