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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Rome Information

The following links are designed to help you learn more about the city of Rome and about traveling abroad in general. Family and friends may also find them useful for tourist information and finding accommodations when visiting Rome Program participants. All websites are in English or have English versions available unless otherwise noted. Please report broken links to Jen Hogan, international programs coordinator.

City of Rome, Popular Sites and the Vatican

Comune di Roma
Rome Guide
Italy Guides: Rome
Vatican City
Papal Event Tickets


ATAC (public transportation in Rome)
Trenitalia (trains–click on “ticket online” in the upper-right hand corner)
Fiumicino Airport
Ciampino Airport

Currency Conversion’s Universal Currency Converter


The College of Design does not endorse or recommend any of the accommodations that can be found at the following websites. These links are provided as a starting point for research. We encourage you to read the reviews of previous travelers before booking any accommodations.

Bed & Breakfast Italia

Yellow Hostel Rome: Yellow Gallery or Yellow Square

Generator Hostel Rome: Stay Generator or

Trastevere 2 Hostel: HostelWorld or