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DSN S 301 Rome Preparation

Dsn S 301 is a one-credit class required of students who wish to participate in a semester of the Rome Program. Students take it in the semester prior to studying abroad. It provides a cultural introduction to Italy and covers the particulars of traveling and living abroad in addition to financial and logistical preparations. The class is designed to help prepare students for a positive personal and educational experience in Rome while assisting them with the development of realistic expectations about studying abroad.  Previous student participants of the program, or Rome Ambassadors, also assist with the course providing personal insight and recommendations.  Some of the topics included are:

  • Overview of studio facility
  • Introduction to Rome and to Italy
  • Apartments and roommates
  • Visa application procedure if required
  • Introduction to culture
  • Culture shock and re-entry shock
  • Preparing to leave ISU
  • Packing, airport security, and traveling abroad
  • What to do upon arrival in Rome
  • Risks of studying abroad and staying safe
  • Health concerns and prescriptions
  • CHUBB insurance
  • Money and banking
  • Communications
  • Food and shopping
  • Public transportation
  • Costs of the program
  • Scholarships