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For ISU Design Students

Summer Program

The College of Design offers a variety of Study Abroad Programs in Rome in the Summer Session to students in various disciplines.  In the past, the College has offered programs in Art History (3 cr., 3 weeks), Design Studies- exploration of the Italian culture of art and food (3 cr., 3 weeks and the Studio Arts (3-7 cr., 4-8 weeks).  Each of these programs provides students with a structured curriculum for the study of European, and in particular Italian, art, architecture, landscape, and urbanism.  In addition, these programs offer students what is for many a first-time opportunity to live amid and experience directly significant works of European art and design in their physical and cultural setting. 

All of these programs are based at the College of Design in Rome Studios located in the heart of the historic center.  Field trips to historical and contemporary sites in and outside of the city are an integral component of all of our programs in Rome.