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Faculty & Staff

ISU Rome Faculty & Staff

Pia SchneiderPia K. Schneider – Director/Instructor
Pia K. Schneider (Dipl.Arch., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zürich; M.Arch, Southern California Institute of Architecture, Santa Monica), is an Affiliate Assistant Professor at the Iowa State University of Science and Technology (ISU) in the Departments of Art & Design and Architecture. She is the recipient of numerous fellowships and prizes, including an Exchange Fellowship at the GSD, Harvard University, the Rome Prize at the Swiss Academy, Rome, and the IKEA Foundation fellowship for architects and designers. She has taught courses in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Interior Design for the ISU Rome program, the Penn State University and seminars on Urban Development for the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign and the Pratt Institute, NY, Rome programs. Since 2007 she is the Resident Director of the ISU Rome program. In 2015, she has been nominated the chair of EUASA, the European Association of Study Abroad.
Barbara Romagnoli

Barbara RomagnoliBarbara Romagnoli – Administration/Logistics
Barbara Romagnoli received her Master’s degree in Philosophy from the university of Rome La Sapienza in 2000. She has focused in particular on the theoretical philosophy and philosophy of language from a gender perspective. Barbara, besides working part time for ISU Rome since 2008, is freelance professional journalist and member of the National Order of Italian Journalists since 2004. As a journalist, she specializes in topics related to culture, politics and society, with particular attention to issues related to equal-opportunities, violence against women, gender discrimination, multiculturalism and women’s rights. Other topics of interests are the environmental issues, organic farming, development and sustainable/ethical economies. She collaborates with several magazines and as a freelance press agency, for example in collaboration with UNFPA – United Nations. In April 2014 she published the book “Irriverenti e libere. Femminismi nel nuovo millennio” which reports on the feminist movements and women’s network in Italy during the past 15 years.

Beatrice RosiniBeatrice Rosini – Accounting/Administration
Beatrice Rosini attended the Scuola Superiore per Interpreti e Traduttori and received a diploma as an interpreter and Translator for both English and Spanish. Prior to joining ISU Rome in 2000, Beatrice worked at a variety of businesses in Rome providing administrative support and language services, including OAI – Organizzazione Artistica Internazionale, IRI-Management, TV Broadcast International Srl, Consorzio Nettuno and Communications snc.

Alessandra FaggioliAlessandra Faggioli – Facility/Student Affairs
Alessandra Faggioli is fluent in Russian, Italian and English, Alessandra worked as a professional interpreter and translator for over 10 years before joining the Penn State University “Study Abroad Program” in 2001 and then Pantheon Institute as the Administrative Assistant for Financial Management and Planning. In 2016 she eventually joined the ISU Rome Office. After obtaining her Language Diploma in English and Russian in Rome, Alessandra spent three years specializing her studies in languages at the Polytechnic Institute of Central London and at the Centre d’Etudes Russes in Meudon, France.

William BersaniWilliam Bersani – IT Consultant
William Bersani attended the Department of Computer Science at La Sapienza University of Roma, and since 2005 started working in the IT sector for private companies such as Telecom, ENI, Total Erg and the Ministry of Security and Labor.
Since 2013 he has worked as a freelance IT consultant.

Simone Bove Simone Bove – Design Instructor
Simone Bove, Architect and Interior Designer, received a Laurea Architettura from the University of Roma Tre School of Architecture in 2003. During his studies he spent a semester at the University of Arkansas School of Architecture and collaborated with international programs. In 2004 he joined n!studio-Ferrini & Stella Associated Architects in Rome, where he has been responsible for projects including museums and cultural buildings, archaeological and historical sites, residential and landscape designs in Italy, Europe, China and Vietnam, with a focus on promotion of cultural heritage and sustainable development.

 Silvia Aloisio – Design Instructor
Architect and Interior Designer. She graduated with full marks and honors at Sapienza University of Rome in Industrial Design (2005) and in Architecture (2011). In 2018 Silvia got her PhD from Sapienza University of Rome. She was a visiting scholar at University of Florida in 2015 and 2017, where she led research on climate conditioned architecture and developments in Florida and the Caribbean islands. She collaborates with the Center for Hydrogenated Urbanism of UF and the Unesco Chair in “Sustainable Urban Quality and Urban Culture” of Sapienza University. Her professional work is based on the design development of architectural solutions on large and small scale. Silvia also works as instructor for the Interior Design Program at the Arkansas University – Rome Center and for Sapienza University (Architecture and Conservation Master program).

Tom Rankin Tom Rankin – Design Instructor
American architect Tom Rankin has lived in Rome, practicing architecture and teaching, since 1991. He received his Master’s in Architecture at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design, a BA in Architecture at Princeton, and a “Laurea” in Architecture at Università di Roma ‘La Sapienza’. He was founder of the successful non-profit cultural travel association Scala Reale and continues to support culturally and environmentally sustainable travel as a partner in Context Travel and CEO of the travel consulting business Studio Rome. Tom teaches at the at Università di Roma “La Sapienza” (School of Engineering), the California Polytechnic Rome Program in Architecture and the Iowa State Rome Program. He is a Fulbright Scholar, a founding member of ISAR ( and Director of the association Tevereterno Onlus. Tom is the author of Rome Works: An Architect Explores the World’s Most Sustainable City and has written numerous articles on sustainable urbanism and presented frequently at conferences. His blog on the Still Sustainable City was chosen by Guardian Cities as the best Italian city blog and is a reference point for sustainable urbanism in Rome.

Simone CapraSimone Capra – Design Instructor
Simone Capra graduated with honors in Architecture at the University of Roma Tre in 2004. He got a PhD in architecture in 2012 at the University of IUAV – Villard De Honnecourt International Program in Venice. Since 2016 he is an advisor for Landscape Architects at AAR, the American Academy in Rome.
Simone is founder and partner of stARTT srl, an architecture design practice based in Rome. stARTT has received several awards and mentions including YAP MAXXI 2011, the European Architecture Award for Under 35 architects in 2011. In December 2013, stARTT has been selected for Small Utopias, the exhibition by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of Italian architecture abroad. In 2014, stARTT has presented its works at Fundamentals, the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. In 2018 the work “Tribute to Luigi Ghirri”, has been given the first prize at S-Arch Award, category Urban Design, and the honorable mention at Premio Gubbio for contemporary design into an historical context. The works and projects of stARTT have been published in Italy and abroad.

Consuelo Nuñez CiuffaConsuelo Nuñez Ciuffa – Design Instructor
Consuelo Nuñez Ciuffa, architect, received a degree in Architecture in 2007 from the University of Roma Tre. During her studies she spent a semester at the Pontificia Universidad the Valparaiso – Escuela de Arquitectura, in Valparaiso,Chile. In 2007 she joined 2A+P/A Associated Architects in Rome, where he has been architect and project leader till 2014, being responsible for national and international projects Along with 2A+P/A she collaborated to the first 5 years of San Rocco magazine and to several others publishing initiatives. In 2015 she moved for a year to Philadelphia where she had the chance to collaborate with a local office, Jibe Design. Back in Italy she worked for two years at Costa Architecture Office, being part of a multidisciplinary team for several projects, between Italy and Dubai. In 2017 she joined StaRTT office, where she is responsible for several projects, including private and public assignment.

Cristiana Filippini – Art History Instructor
Cristiana Filippini is an art historian specialized in medieval art. She earned her PhD and MA from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore and her Italian degree (Laurea in Lettere in History of Art) from the University of Florence, Italy. Her primary field of research is medieval art in Rome, while her research and teaching interests also include 17th-century art in Rome, women’s presence in the art of Rome, and museum history in Rome. She has given several papers and published articles on the subject of Roman art of the Middle Ages. Her current project is a book on narrative strategies in hagiographic painting of the medieval Papal city. Cristiana Filippini currently teaches art history at most prestigious American University programs in Rome.  

Linda Nolan Linda Nolan – Art History Instructor
Linda Nolan, Ph.D. in Early Modern Italian Art and an Classical Roman Art and Archaeology from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. Fascinated by both archaeology and artistic practice, Linda studied Fine Arts and Art History as an undergraduate, participated in art conservation internships in Chicago, IL, and Lugano, Switzerland, and excavated at Pompeii and in the Roman Forum. During her years in Los Angeles, Linda worked as a researcher and then educator at the J. Paul Getty Museum as well as a studio assistant to the Southern California artist Raymond Pettibon.Her interest in archaeology, Renaissance sculpture, and the history of women in Rome inspired her PhD dissertation about the installation and physical forms of devotion shown towards objects in Roman churches, including the famous “Mouth of Truth”, at S. Maria in Cosmedin, Michelangelo’s Christ sculpture in S. Maria sopra Minerva, and the bronze S. Peter statue in S. Peter’s Basilica. Linda received fellowships to support her travels and research, including ones from the Dorot Foundation, the American Academy in Rome, the Samuel H.Kress Foundation, and the American Association of University Women.

Carol Taddeo Dienstman – Art History Instructor
Carol received her B.A. from Mount Holyoke College and holds M.A. degrees in Italian literature from the University of Toronto, where she has taught, and in art history from Boston University. She has been a Visiting Fellow twice at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies in Amherst, Mass, where she has given numerous lectures and participated in conferences. Her published lectures on female patronage during the Renaissance include “The Female Donor Portrait: Modes of Representation and the San Pietro Madonna della Misericordia,” in addition to topics addressing literary themes such as “Longing and Desire in Michelangelo’s Sonnets.” Carol also completed the graduate certificate program in Museum Studies from Tufts University with a specialization in conservation. With over five years of professional curatorial experience encompassing the care and treatment of art objects, she has authored numerous conservation grants and was a successful applicant to the Smithsonian Institution’s Collections Care program in the US.

Serafino Amato Serafino Amato – Photography Instructor
Serafino was born in 1958 in Rome, where he currently lives and works. His artistic inspiration developed during his work in theatrical research with the so-called “new spectacularity,” while collaborating with Benedetto and Esmeralda Simonelli from 1979 to 1983. After his experience with theatre and performance, he dedicated himself predominantly to photography. In 1989, he decided to proceed exclusively with his work in photography and in 2000 he added in the use of the video camera. Since the beginning, he has almost always combined images with briefs texts, poems and comments, sometimes written directly on the images. In the past few years, writing has taken on the predominant role in his work. Now, the narrative element has become less a commentary for the images, and contains more and more an autonomous role. In 2008 he published: “Ecatombe – I girini della storia” (2008). He has also worked with the Associazione Alberto Moravia, the Teatro di Roma, the Sigma-Tau Foundation, and the Piccolo Teatro di Milano.

Claudia Cremasco Claudia Cremasco – Italian Instructor
Claudia Cremasco has taught and coordinated Italian language instruction in Italy and the USA since 1988. She has a Laurea in Literature from Rome’s La Sapienza University. She has taught at Harvard University and California Polytechnic State University, and was formally recognized for teaching excellence at both universities. She has also taught at the Universita’ degli Studi di Roma Tre, IUSM, Italiadea Language Institute and for numerous American university study abroad programs, including Harvard University, Penn State University, The University of Arkansas, Arcadia and Iowa State University. For Academic Initiatives Abroad Rome Center and for ISU Rome she coordinates the language instruction and cultural activities.

Simona Albergoni Simona Albergoni – Italian Instructor
Simona Albergoni has a Master’s degree in Italian Language and Modern Italian Literature from the University of La Sapienza in Rome. She has taught for numerous US programs in Rome, teaches at the University of Roma Tre and for an Italian State Lyceum.

Rosa De La Cruz Rosa De La Cruz – Housekeeping

Ferdi Rapacon Ferdi Rapacon – Maintenance