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Scholarly Activity

Bernard Canniffe

Bernard Canniffe, chair of the Department of Graphic Design, is a member of the committee organizing the 6th International Conference on Computer Graphics, Animation and Computer-Aided Design scheduled June 18-19 in London.

Monica Haddad

“Open Space Provision and Environmental Preservation Strategies: A Case Study in Brazil” by Monica A. Haddad, associate professor of community and regional planning, has been published as Chapter 15 in The Routledge Companion to Planning in the Global South (Routledge, 2018) edited by Gautam Bhan, Smita Srinivas and Vanessa Watson.

Olivia Valentine

Olivia Valentine, assistant professor of art and visual culture, and a music faculty member at Wesleyan University have collaborated on “between systems and grounds,” a performance and installation project that creates a feedback loop between textile construction processes and feedback-based electronic music. The project is funded in part by a grant from the ISU Center for Excellence in the Arts and Humanities. Read more

January 29, 2018 3:42 pm