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ISU Research Grand Challenges & the CoD

In Spring 2017 all departments in the College of Design responded to the ISU Grand Challenges:

  • Enabling healthy lives
  • Building sustainable human and natural ecosystems
  • Designing next-generation materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Creating data-driven science and information systems for societal challenges
  • Developing global citizens and our workforce


The Research, Extension, and Outreach (REO) Council of the College of Design would like to invite all faculty/staff and interested students in the college to reconvene on Friday, February 9 at 12:00 noon in room 130 and discuss the impact and role of Design, Arts and the Humanities in addressing these Grand Challenges. The research committee would like to bring forward a 6th challenge suggested by the Architecture Research Committee


Advancing novel methods, venues and forums in which new forms of knowledge can be constructed

Climate change continues to generate radically new environmental, social, economic and political conditions. As one of the contested priorities of our time, our ability to address the problems it creates is dependent our skill and ability to formulate new questions and experiment with new frameworks of research. To do this requires both time and space in which such new, transdisciplinary investigations can be supported and pursued. ISU’s strengths are called upon in this challenge to advance novel methods, venues and forums, including performance studies, environmental writing, critical design and art based modes of inquiry, to construct new forms of knowledge to address the complexity of challenges that climate change brings.


February 2, 2018 10:20 am