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Data Driven Autonomous Systems and Controls

The opening webinar of the series is today: Jan. 22, 2018, from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m. Central


In this presentation, Dr. Ranganathan will discuss challenges on the nexus of control, data, and processes for next-generation autonomous systems. The talk will focus on emerging areas such as UAS swarm technologies, and UAS cyber-security challenges. Dr. Ranganathan will share his recent project results on heat-loss quantification from thermal imagery data sets obtained from UAS. If time permits, Dr. Ranganathan will discuss the role of data-driven technologies in smart grid applications.


Dr. Travis Desell, Assoc. Professor of CS (UND): Developing an Open UAS Repository
In conjunction with feedback from participants in the NSF BDSPOKES Unmanned Aerial Systems, Plant Sciences and Education, Dr. Desell has been developing a web-based repository for securely and quickly viewing large scale imagery gathered from unmanned aerial systems. The system also allows for the easy markup of imagery and sharing mosaics with your team. Feedback on the system is welcome so that it can become a valuable tool for the digital agriculture community.


Unmanning Data Mondays – Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data

The University of North Dakota, Iowa State University, the University of Nebraska, and Kansas State University  will host a rotating series of webinars called Unmanning Data Mondays: Getting the human out of unmanned aerial systems data. Each webinar can be attended in person at the institution hosting each webinar and will be live-streamed online via Zoom. The webinars are part of the NSF Unmanned Aerial Systems, Plant Sciences, and Education (UASPSE) Project, funded as part of the Midwest Big Data Hub.




January 22, 2018 11:40 am