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A2RU Reports Increase for NEH/NEA/CPB/IMLS

Dear Colleagues,

As you probably know by now, the NEA, NEH, CPB, and IMLS budgets look like they will be retained, and in most instances slightly increased for the rest of the fiscal year. This is fantastic on all fronts and I can’t help but feel that a2ru played a small part, as did each citizen who made calls and wrote letters. Truly a bipartisan victory. Below is a nice chart outlining the omnibus proposal budget numbers for many agencies of interest for FY17.

Thanks to all!

Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities


Key Federally Funded Arts & FY 2016                     FY 2017
Culture Agencies/Programs Enacted                     Omnibus
Appropriations         Proposal
(in millions)               (in millions)

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) $148                            $150
National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) $148                            $150
Assistance for Arts Education through U.S. Department of Education $27                              $27
New ESSA Well-Rounded Education grants —                                $400
Corp. for Public Broadcasting (forward funded) $445                            $445
Institute of Museum and Library Services $230                            $231
Smithsonian Institution $840                            $863
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum $54                               $57
Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts $36                               $36
U.S. Commission of Fine Arts $2.65                            $2.8
National Capital Arts & Cultural Affairs $2                                 $2
National Gallery of Art $148                            $155.5



May 3, 2017 2:37 pm