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The College of Design’s students, faculty, and staff are constantly learning and exploring new techniques and systems within design industries. We are committed to making the world a better place, and our research is vital to finding solutions to societal and environmental challenges. Numerous independent and group research activities take place every day in a wide range of disciplines.

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    Iowa Innovative Housing Project

    The 3D Affordable Innovative Technologies Housing Project aims to address the shortage of affordable housing in Iowa by exploring faster, more cost-effective solutions through the use of 3D-printed homes.

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    Creating an automated heat warning system

    This project harnesses innovative machine learning technology to improve preparedness for extreme heat. The research team aims to gather data and develop an automated heat warning system for susceptible Des Moines neighborhoods.

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    Rural Shrink Smart Project

    This groundbreaking research project at Iowa State looks into why some rural Iowa towns are thriving, even as their populations shrink. The team hopes that this research and its findings provoke data-driven, honest conversations in small towns in Iowa and throughout the Midwest.

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Designing innovative solutions to worldwide challenges by providing, supporting, and partnering with state-of-the-art, technologically-advanced research facilities.

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