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Store Floor

Course: DSN 546
Students Involved: Nicole Becker, Marissa Engel, MJ Johnson, Ashton Knepper, and Professor Rob Whitehead

There are currently 3.5 million people living in tents worldwide. These tents are purposed for emergency housing, with an intended 6-month lifespan. Therefore, the tents do not include any floor. In
most cases, emergency housing situations last much longer than their intended impact and 6-months turns to 6-years of living in the tents. This becomes problematic for the average person who spends 16-20 hours a day on their shelter floor. Living on the bare earth causes higher risk for parasitic infection, anemia, diarrhea, lower development rates, suicide and depression, flash flooding risks and hypothermia. Currently, one flooring solution exists but cannot accommodate for any uneven or un-level ground. Store Floor provides a solution that is an adjustable elevated floor that doubles as a storage space within the floor itself. Store Floor is a modular system that is adaptable to tent size and is easy to
assemble. It is fabricated out of recycled structural plastic with a metal frame to ensure that the floor is stable and supportive of the appropriate weight. The space within the floor provides a secure space for storing personal belongings. Store Floor brings sense of security, prevents diseases, increases overall quality of life, and creates more resilient living environments.
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