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Sand Extraction | OPN Masterclass

Course: ARCH 000
Students Involved: Hao Wang, Haoran Zheng, Jinqi Gu, Kaihong Gao


Our research focuses on the sand extraction in Singapore.All over the earth, sand extraction is not merely a process, but has become a crucial commercial circle. Singapore is a very typical sand-imported country city because of the shortage of the land area. Globally, it is a $70 billion industry, and the sand selling at up to $90 per cubic  yard for newl and  reclamation.

The rising  cost  of  imported  sand,  cause deleterious  impact  on  the  ecosystem  and  the  encroachment  of  shipping  lanes  and territorial limit. To be more specific, Singapore and Cambodia are two countries that Relationship Built on Sand. Also, some countries even fight for sand called the Sand wars.So  sand  extraction  is  not  only  is  the superficial  resource  consuming,  but  also developed into more aspects: Humanity Consideration. So we generate the questions: What our future will be? What the next generation will be?We played with the “scale” in the diaroma, creating children playtime with sand in the front and,in the back scene,there is our city construction happening in the same time. Also, we can see the large shipping is approaching sharply.There are larger scale in display box than things museum in the foreground,Importantly, the small scale of the toys reflects to the reality process of the sand extraction. As you can see the ships are spraying the sand to the beach shore. The little truck exploits the sand. The transporting car carrying the sand into different space. Children using the Shovels to creating sandcastle. All of the imagination process could exactly transfer to the real world.After that, we are using imagination to create a puzzle game. The pattern in the pieces are the buildings and machine laying on the sand.The background of the puzzle is purely blue which means our sea.The pieces of puzzles will be filled out into all blue area, it pushed human imagining limits about the result of sand extraction what the earth will be after it finished?

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