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Course: ARCH 581

Pavilions simultaneously create tools for transformative action and develop visions of new social realities. Festivals as sites, and pavilions, as fragments of possible architectural futures, serve as a method for advancing and expanding the possibilities of public engagement, critique, and speculation. The IM_RU pavilion is presented as evidence of this claim. By blurring light, color, and a cloud of fragmented reflections, the pavilion created a space to confront the identity politics and activist undercurrents of the Flyover Fashion Festival in Iowa City, Iowa,

IM_RU was designed and built by fifteen students majoring in architecture, landscape architecture, and interior design as part of an interdisciplinary undergraduate studio at Iowa State University. Constructed from low-cost 3D printed joints, mirrored acrylic, wires, and LEDs, the pavilion was designed using computational methods to be structurally flexible, simple to assemble, and lightweight for transport. The project was constructed in the ISU studios, deconstructed, and then transported 130 miles (210 km) and reassembled at the festival. IM_RU was a project of the ISU Computation & Construction Lab (CCL), a research group established to connect developments in computation to the challenges of construction and to leverage these tools for public engagement with non-profits and cities.

September 5, 2017 11:17 am

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